Dec 18

Celebrating GWT’s Grants!

Complex_2storyGoodwill Theatre was recently awarded a large grant of $500,000 thru Round 4 of the Consolidated Funding Application from New York State Parks Recreation and Historic Preservation Environmental Protection Fund to repair the foundation of the Firehouse Building. We will install a french drain around the building and also complete all interior demolition in the basement, second and third floors. It will also pay for installation of all new windows to get this building completely ready for the future! We need to raise $250,000 to match this grant award.

In addition, the Southern Tier Regional Economic Development Council (STREDC) received the $500,000,000 award for our region. Goodwill Theatre Inc is slated to receive monies from this fund but we don’t yet know all the information needed about the process and the timing. These funds will help us build the connector building so that we can fully rehabilitate the Goodwill Theatre and Firehouse buildings. We need this connecting building so we can have safe access to both the historic buildings and have elevators, stairs, rehearsal halls bathrooms and production studios to support those buildings.

We are very grateful for this large lead gift from New York State to help us reach our full potential. We will be busy raising the matching funds for this mega award!