Mar 23

Gustafer Yellowgold – Wisdom Tooth of Wisdom

Gustafer Yellowgold

Gustafer Yellowgold

Storybooks used to be visual and aural. This weekend, you can enjoy a virtual moving storybook about Gustafer Yellowgold the fellow from the Sun. One of our Just 4 Fun! Series presentation Gustafer Yellowgold performs, on March 28th at 11am and 2 pm at the Schorr Family Firehouse Stage. This performance is brought to you by Bob Carr 2.0 Printing & Mailing and Modern Marketing Concepts, Inc. 

Gustafer Yellowgold is a friendly fellow who came from the Sun and landed in the Minnesota woods. Morgan Taylor developed the “musical moving storybook” Gustafer Yellowgold experience as equal parts pop rock concert and hand-drawn cartoon movie.

In Gustafer Yellowgold’s Wisdom Tooth of Wisdom, the sixth offering in the Gustafer Yellowgold series, former Sun-resident Gustafer Yellowgold traverses the woodlands of Minnesota, to find the owner of the world’s largest and most mysterious molar. Ten humorous and hand-drawn music videos follow Gustafer through a mind-bending adventure that unfolds in graphic novel fashion with a hilarious but poignant narrative about ownership, humility and the mind’s capacity for knowledge.

The story kicks off with a joyous, acoustic jangle about imagination on “Telephone Called” and then travels to a front-row seat at a pterodactyl fashion show in the XTC-meets-Beck style of “It Suits You.” “Smilefield” sees Gustafer trying to resist the magnetic pull of distraction from a soundscape of melodic-pop moodiness that rivals the best of “Bends”-era Radiohead.

Every video in Gustafer Yellowgold’s Wisdom Tooth of Wisdom receives the one-of-a-kind Gustafer blend of blissful pop-music, lyrical poignancy and gorgeously drawn cartoon absurdity. Gustafer Yellowgold’s Wisdom Tooth of Wisdom is the first Gustafer Yellowgold release to be recorded ‘live in the studio’ with an all-new Minneapolis band with John Munson (Semisonic and late ‘80s cult favoriteTrip Shakespeare), Ken Chastain (Jonas BrothersMiley Cyrus) and Tom Scott. Also featured is the horn section of Robert Jost (BjorkSNLSesame Street), Steve Tyska (The Autumn Defense) and Dean Jones (Dog on Fleas). Bonus features include an in-depth episode of My Yellowgold Life with two segments: “The Tooth Will Set You Free,” presenting an up-close and behind-the-scenes visit with Gustafer’s creator, Morgan Taylor, and “Gustafer Guitar Lessons,” in which Morgan demonstrates his technique and shares tons of fun facts!

Tickets for Gustafer Yellowgold are $10 for adults, $8 for seniors and students. The Firehouse also offers a 20% discount to veterans and teachers; however, discounts cannot be combined. Tickets can be purchased online at: or by calling the Box Office at (607) 772-2404, ext. 301.

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