Jul 23

GWT Recognizes 2012/13 Volunteers

On Thursday, July 11, 2013, Goodwill Theatre Inc. (GWT) recognized its volunteers at a Volunteer Recognition and Training Dinner at the Schorr Family Firehouse Stage. All volunteers were awarded a commemorative pin and certificate and five volunteers were given special “Over and Above” awards. The new memorial Billy Boysick Volunteer Award, named for loyal GWT volunteer Billy Boysick, was announced and awarded. Then, while volunteers enjoyed a casual dinner, a brief training session took place. Finally, CEO Naima Kradjian conducted a tour of the Goodwill Theatre.

According to Independent Sector, the current value of a volunteer hour in the United States is $22.14 per hour; for New York State, it is even higher at $28.73 per hour. Regardless of the figure, volunteers are crucial to the success of the Goodwill Theatre project. Volunteers work each event at the Schorr Family Firehouse Stage, they work in the administrative offices during the week, they distribute marketing information to a variety of locations, they work at special events and more. Soon volunteers will work as docents for tours of the Goodwill Theatre property. Whatever the job title, these volunteers conduct important work for the organization and GWT appreciates every one!

Six-year volunteer Rosemarie Henkle was awarded the first Billy Boysick Volunteer Award. The award criterion includes:
1.Exhibits a “WELCOME TO OUR VENUE” attitude that is friendly and welcoming to our patrons!
2.ANTICIPATES the needs of our patrons (often before they know that they have a need!)
3.Acts as a good (positive) Goodwill Theatre Inc. AMBASSADOR!
4.Always a SNAZZY dresser!
5.Likes to GROOVE (and proves it at events)!
6.Stockpiles an arsenal of JOKES applicable to any situation!
7.Legendarily LOYAL to our cause

Lynn Augenstern and Joann Fisher were awarded the Construction Award giving an “over and above” contribution to the foundation of the organization in the past year, particularly in helping to organize GWT’s Hard Hat Hurrah! fundraiser in March.

Board member Dave Wilson was awarded the Gallant Grunt Award for being a loyal contributor to the “muscle” of the organization throughout the year.

Long-term volunteer Shirley McCormack was awarded the It’s Showtime Well Spent Award for volunteering the most hours throughout the year.

Congratulations and a big thank you to all GWT volunteers!

We love meeting new people! Anyone who might be interested in volunteering for the Goodwill Theatre can contact Volunteer Coordinator Danielle Gapske at (607) 772-2404, ext. 301 or at dgapske@goodwilltheatre.net. All volunteers must complete a Volunteer Registration formthat can be found on the Goodwill Theatre website at: Volunteer

The Goodwill Theatre, Inc. is a not-for-profit 501(c ) 3. The Mission of the Goodwill Theatre is to create a professional performing arts complex and magnet training academy that will enrich the lives of our residents and visitors. The Complex will contain four state of the art performance venues of different sizes and attributes to increase entertainment options and enhance the versatility of student skill sets. Professional training in the backstage arts, arts administration, design, production, and performance will be areas of study offered. The production focus will be on Classics, emerging new work and Theatre for Youth. The training academy will be a magnet for students and visiting faculty increasing the vitality of the region both artistically and economically.