Oct 20

Why The Little Flower?

tony Lobianco and micDon’t miss The Little Flower  with Tony Lo BiancoThe Little Flower  takes place at Binghamton High School’s Helen Foley Theater on Tuesday, October 21, 2014 at 7 PM.  Tickets are only $15 Adult; $10 Sr/St/Ch.  This one-man show portrays Fiorello (Little Flower) H. La Guardia during his final day as 3-term NYC mayor.

LaGuardia was a man with all the odds against him. He was a congressman for twelve years, and he fought bravely for his ideas. This show reminds people of a man who was for and of the people. He was a man of all seasons, a man you couldn’t pinhole. He had a deep knowledge of issues and transformed everything into reality, common sense, and logic.

The world keeps changing, and while we should be learning from history, we ignore it. We need to build a strong foundation for our country. This piece reminds Americans to understand the value of hard work and civic responsibility, of looking toward our future and our children’s futures.

The Little Flower  is sponsored by IBM.

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